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Michael Tene June 19, 2023
"The best reading I've ever had! Needed so advice about a work situation I was having and she told me exactly what I needed to hear and everything she said came true it was amazing that knyo so much definitely recommended and will be coming back."
Steven R Gaughen May 8, 2023
"Vickie is an amazing psychic with very strong intuition and is powerfully attuned to spiritual matters. Her gifts and wisdom are unparalleled. She’s also an excellent teacher and healer. I am a returning customer with 100% satisfaction and have so much respect and admiration for her and her guidance. She’s extremely sweet and empathetic but will not sugar coat. She’s the real deal and will tell you how it really is (for those brave and curious enough to ask)."
Ray Vecchiola April 25, 2023
"She answered all my questions and gave me a lot to think about. I would highly recommend her, since she knew things she couldn't have possibly known, and gave me solutions that changed different outcomes over the course of a few sessions."
Lindsay lou April 3, 2023
"She knew my past and gave me hope for my future ☆♡"
Kit Ng March 17, 2023
"Aethel and Nyanners had a good session here!"
Berenice Rodriguez March 2, 2023
"Great experience, I needed some clarity and I got it"